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Mail Tribune 100

June 27, 1916


The effort to recall Bert R. Greer as Ashland springs commissioner has failed by a majority of about 59 votes in 1,255 cast — not because Mr. Greer, like Caesar's wife, was above suspicion, but because of antipathy to the recall as a method of rebuke. Ashland did not love Greer more, but loved the recall less.

If Mr. Greer had been guilty of half the things charged against him he should be criminally prosecuted. But because the recall furnishes a weapon for attacking by slander and innuendo without proof of accusations, it is repulsive, as it is unfair.

Mr. Greer deserves credit for awakening Ashland to the value of its mineral waters and beautiful park as a community asset. That he has not accomplished the result sought without scandal is unfortunate, but the people of Ashland have only themselves to blame, for they approved by decisive vote the letting of contracts without competitive bids and silenced critics by public disapproval.

It was perhaps poetic justice that Mr. Greer should be compelled to take a dose of his own medicine, for as an unfair defamer and slanderer of public officials he has few equals. At the time the recall petition was filed he was busily engaged in attacking by abuse and innuendo the good and fair name of the county court, without the shadow of suspicious circumstances against their integrity that attached to his own conduct of affairs.

Recall elections create factional discord and leave running sores in communities that prevent the harmony necessary for progress. They are expensive, in more than a financial sense, and accomplish nothing useful because they are doomed to failure when based upon personal animosity, selfish greed, gumshoe politics and petty spite.


There was a party passed through here last Wednesday with an auto truck load on their way for Union creek. One of them was the same man who had a store there last summer, and I understood that he was going out there again to rebuild his store building, as the house he occupied was crushed last winter by the snow.