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Mail Tribune 100

June 30, 1916


There will be ball games at Ashland each morning immediately after the parade, July 4th, 5th and 6th, between Weed and Medford.

From Weed comes the report that they have recruited several first class players from various parts of California for these important games, which are for the championship of southern Oregon and northern California.

Four years ago Weed was victorious over Medford in a series of three games in which the championship was involved. The interest manifested in these games at the time was so great that the capacity of the local ball park was overtaxed, many being turned away.

The local ball club has been strengthened by the addition of Seibert, the speedy pitcher from O. A. C. It is also rumored that other strange faces will be seen in the Medford team when they take the field against Weed.

The Medford boys will go to Ashland this evening and tomorrow evening for practice on the high school diamond which has been placed in excellent condition for these games.

It must be remembered that these games take place in the morning, starting right after the parade.


  • A special troop train carrying the last of the Oregon militia mobilized at Camp Withycombe passed through Medford at 2 a.m. Friday. The troops were the first battalion of the Third Oregon infantry, a machine gun company and the regimental band. The first battalion consists of Company A of McMinnville and Companies B, C, and D of Portland.
  • The Grizzly Camp Fire scheduled for this evening will be held at the camp grounds back of the Natatorium owing to the threatening weather conditions. The camp fire will be followed by swimming, dancing and a general good time at the Natatorium. All members are requested to be present and help make the evening a success.
  • The junk store of O. N. Wilson on South Front street was broken into last night and a considerable quantity of junk stolen. Entrance was gained by prying the hasp off the front door. No clue has been found as to the identity of the perpetrators.