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Mail Tribune 100

July 3, 1916


Bessie Barriscale is announced for today and tomorrow in a Fourth of July photo feature, "Bullets and Brown Eyes." Barriscale of the wondrous eyes and gracious ways, so wantonly feminine at one moment, so exquisitely at another; a dainty, yielding exponent of non-resistance in the presence of an assertive man, a cunning schemer behind his back, withal tender in his worst extremity she impersonates, not so much this or that individual member of her sex, but the sex itself. In that art she is supreme, one of the most remarkable screen actresses of today. So effective in certain roles as to be in a class by herself.

"Bullets and Brown Eyes" presents other merits than those of Barriscale. It is a romantic drama of modern war, the whole being rendered pleasing and effective by good settings, stirring battle scenes and clever acting. In the last named division, Bessie Barriscale, who, as Countess Olga, proves conclusively that bullets are no match for brown eyes.

A Triangle Key comedy titled "A Village Vampire" with Funny Fred Mace as the victim, will show at this popular photo theater.


  • One thousand five hundred pounds of ore was brought down from the Blue Ledge district yesterday by F. W. Carnahan and T. Henry Callaghran. One thousand pounds was pyrites fertilizer which will be ground and used on the experimental farm by Prof. Reimer. The other five hundred pounds was copper ore and is on display at the commercial club.
  • "Chick" Baker, who has been with McCredle's Portland aggregation this season, has been procured by Captain Miles of the local ball team for the holiday series with Weed. He is a fast heady player and will make an effective backstop for Medford. He will arrive on the Shasta tomorrow morning.
  • Bound for a good time at Klamath Falls over the fourth, John Moffat, Wesley Judy, Jay Olmstead, Roland Hubbard and Leland Noe left Medford in a car this afternoon.