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Mail Tribune 100

July 7, 1916


The Seventh company, Captain K. J. Vance, will join the parade tonight. The boys who are willing to go to the front are willing also to fight for the development of home industries. Additional automobiles have been offered to the women for the booster demonstrations. Farmers and their families are interested, and although they have no vote in this matter, being outside of the city, they have promised to join the parade and help to show the Doubting Thomases that the people of the city are finally and unfalteringly determined to start the business ball to spinning for better times.

The line of march this evening at 7:30 will be down Main street from the library park to Front, to Eighth, to South Riverside, to Main, to Front, to Sixth, to North Central, to Main, to Riverside and to the Natatorium.

The Medford band will lead the parade and render a few numbers also at the Natatorium between the addresses. 


  • Court Hall left this morning for Crater Lake. He expects to stay until the road is open to the rim. At present, cars are blocked from further progress at the Corkscrew grade, about 7 miles from the rim. The snow is melting fast and it is thought regular entrance to the lake will begin the first of next week.
  • Last Saturday night the manager of the Ashland mine paid his men $2,000, so that they might help liven up things for the fourth. He states that the company has spent $10,000 on the property, and that they are well pleased with results and are ready to spend $10,000 more.
  • Mr. and Mrs. E. Wight of Denver, and G. C. Early, his mother and sisters, arrived in their cars Thursday night. They went through Medford 10 days ago en route to Seattle. When they arrived in Portland it was raining, and it continued to rain during their stay. It was reported that 25 miles of the road between Portland and Seattle was under water so not having pontoons along they turned back. They are now en route to Los Angeles.