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Mail Tribune 100

July 10, 1916


The Grants Pass-Medford game, played at Grants Pass yesterday afternoon, broke up in the third inning. Captain Miles calling the Medford team off the field because of unfair play and decisions.

In the third, with the score 1-0 in favor of Grants Pass, Medford had two out and a man on second. Sieberts came to bat and planted one in deep center field. Osburn, playing first base for Grants Pass, held Sieberts off the bag. Sieberts made an attempt to touch the bag, untangled himself from Osburn and brought up on third. The umpire, a Grants Pass man, called him out for not touching the base, though in such a case of interfering with the runner the rules demand that the runner shall be given another base. Calling Sieberts out canceled Medford's only run.

Captain Miles attempted to talk the umpire out of his decision, but the latter would not change his stand, although Osburn admitted that he had interfered.

Pernoll and Baker were the battery for Grants Pass. Pernoll once pitched for San Francisco. Batteries for Medford were Pruitt and Force.


The Page offers a fine double bill opening this afternoon. An added attraction is the Washington Trio, composed of Al Sather, formerly manager of the Star theater, Frank Sax and Ralph Gawnlock, vocalists. They are sure to find instant favor with Page audiences today and tomorrow. A story of advanced thought is the Triangle production, "A Moral Fabric," from the pen of C. Gardner Sullivan, and will present as its star Frank Mills, the noted actor who already has been seen on the Triangle program with Bessie Barriscale in "The Golden Claw," and with Mary Boland and Willard Mack in "The Edge of the Abyss." It is a powerful treatment of so-called "advanced thought," which puts the claims of love before those of morality. Appearing with Mills is Howard Hickman and Edith Reeves, the latter a newcomer to the Triangle program.