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Mail Tribune 100

July 13, 1916


Under the pretense of rehearsal the Medford Choral Society inveigled George Andrews, Musical Director of the society into attending a social evening at the Presbyterian church Tuesday evening, and presented him with a beautiful ebony baton mounted in gold and inscribed. The presentation was made in a few fitting and facetious remarks, by the President of the society, S. V. Beckwith.

It is recognized with satisfaction by all members of the chorus that the work of the musical director is one of pure love and pleasure, arduous as much of it may be, and the words spoken by the president and the presentation itself were a spontaneous expression of esteem and regard in which the director and his work are alike held.

Some new music from Wagner's Lohengrin was given a first reading and several other new choruses were also sung. It was agreed on motion that the chorus should adjourn until the first Tuesday in September. It is proposed to give not less than two concerts during the winter months.

The progress made by the members individually and by the chorus as a whole is very marked. Choruses which at first would have occupied a whole evening, are now read after one or two attempts, with a fair degree of ease and accuracy, so that the society is now in a position to do better work than ever, and to give artistic rendering to the most difficult and exacting music.

There is likely to be a large increase in membership before the opening of the winter season, and all who wish to join the chorus should make written application to the secretary, such applications to be passed upon by the musical directory and a committee. Following the rehearsal, the chorus adjourned to the school room of the church for refreshments and spent a pleasant evening.