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Mail Tribune 100

July 18, 1916


The manager of the Klamath Falls baseball team has finally quieted the newspaper clamor regarding the recent game between Medford and Klamath Falls and arrangements have been closed with Manager Brevard of the Medford team, whereby the Klamath Falls team will come to Medford for a return game next Sunday, July 23, accompanied by about 300 Klamath Falls fans, and as many more in cars.

They are prepared to play a good, clean fast game of ball, win or lose. Bigbee, the U. of O star pitcher will be on the hump for the Falls, and Sieberts, who has already made himself known to the Medford fans, will twirl for the home team.

This game is the first since Manager Brevard took charge of the club, and will be his first opportunity to "deliver the goods." The teams are evenly matched and should offer something much better than "bush league ball."

Bob should be encouraged in his efforts to make a ball team here, and to give the public good exhibitions. Try it once anyway.


  • Last Thursday while I was looking around the P. & E. depot for items of interest to write I learned that the new sawmill at the cedar spring near Derby station was so far completed that they were sawing the lumber for its completion. It will prove to be a very great convenience for that community, as there are a number of settlers who have timber on their claims to use in up that way that without a sawmill would be practically useless, for it is too far from the railroad to justify cutting it into wood, but with a mill the most of it can be utilized. 
  • Our town mayor, John M. Nichols, has sold his hens to Mr. Newport, our railroad agent, and started this Saturday morning for Fort Klamath with his wife to visit their son, Artic, who is out there in the sheep business. Mrs. H. L. Young of Brownsboro also brought in a lot of hens for Mr. Newport.