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Mail Tribune 100

July 20, 1916


"A Man of Sorrow," the William Fox production starring William Farnum, which had its first showing yesterday at the Page, is based on the celebrated stage success, "Hoodman Blind." It deals with a man who marries one of two sisters who look exactly alike. When he discovers his sister-in-law in the arms of a stranger he assumes that she is his wife and leaves home. After wandering from place to place in an effort to find solace for his grief, he eventually comes upon the sister-in-law, who informs of the fraud which has been perpetrated on him.

Needless to say, such a situation is one of the utmost dramatic value, nor has it been confined to the screen or the stage. There are several cases on record in actual life in which the lives of people have been blighted through mistakes in identity. Perhaps the most recent case of this nature was that of Mrs. J. B. Woykt, who, fearing her husband was interested in another woman, employed a detective to follow him. The detective mistook Woykt's brother for the object of his search and returned and reported to Mrs. Woykt he had seen her husband in the company of a manicurist. Mrs. Woykt went to the address given, shot her husband's brother, thinking that he was her husband, and then killed herself.


  • Samples of water taken at the intake a week ago by Water Superintendent Olen Arnspiger were tested by the state board of health and a report returned to Mr. Arnspiger this morning. The report is very favorable, the best ever shown at the lake. This is probably due to the increased depth of water at the intake, water being taken into the main from the depth of twenty feet.
  • There will be a meeting of all the Parent-Teachers' circles and Parent-Teachers' Educational bureau of Medford Monday evening at 7 o'clock at the public library. It is hoped that all circles will be represented and all others that are interested in this work as there is very important business to be transacted.