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Mail Tribune 100

July 21, 1916


Any doubt which may have lingered in the minds of the fans as to the class of ball they will see Sunday was wiped out when the news was made public that "Chick" Baker would handle the receiving end for Medford. "Chick" and Seiberts make a battery in keeping with the rest of the infield and Bob can be relied upon to provide an outfield that will make a balanced team.

The increase in the price of a limited number of seats is rendered necessary on account of the heavy expense of getting the Klamath Falls team here, as well as to assure the exceptionally large bunch of rooters from the Falls that they will be sure of seats. The capacity of the grounds is so limited that these steps are unavoidable, although they are not intended as a precedent.

From all indications, the game will not only be of absorbing interest to local fans, but will also be well worth the cost of admission to the "non-partisans."

Manager Brevard has a staff at work on the grounds and everything points to a real ball game. If there is any baseball enthusiasm in Medford, a few of the fans ought to forego their daily fishing trip or joy ride, and "play the game," as a team capable of playing good ball against a good team, cannot be kept going on the ordinary receipts when everyone who owns a car has gone to California.


  • Mr. and Mrs. Ames, and infant daughter, Arlene Katherine, of Oakland, Calif., arrived here the last of the week and are now the guests of Mrs. Ames' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hay. It will be remembered that Mrs. Ames was formerly Miss Eleanor Hay, one of the most popular members of Central Point's younger social set. 
  • A. Conro Fiero, business manger of the Central Point Packing company, left the middle of the week for Chicago, where he will spend some days attending to business matters.