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Mail Tribune 100

July 28, 1916


The large pump at the Ament dam, used to lift water into the irrigation conduits of the Rogue River Public Service corporation, was destroyed shortly after midnight, Friday morning by an explosion which shattered the driving wheel and damaged the plant to the extent of $1,500.

As a consequence, farmers under the irrigation ditch are shy of water at the time they need it most.

The explosion is believed to have been caused by nitro-glycerine, as gas left indicated this explosive rather than dynamite. It is reported that the explosion was incendiary, presumably the work of some of the workmen recently employed by the company, who have failed to secure money due as wages. The plant had been attached by workmen's liens.

President G. F. Sanders of the Public Service corporation recently returned from the east and has been endeavoring to secure a release of liens filed against company property by offering a time settlement, part of the money to be paid in thirty days and installments at stated periods thereafter. The proposal was not favorably received by some of the demolition men. Threats of a detonation of the dam had been in circulation.


Can you imagine anything that would make the one-toother, half-blind, sodden and shriveled wrecks of the slums burst out in laughter? It would have to be might funny, wouldn't it.

But that's what Douglas Fairbanks did in this latest Triangle Play. He made old men, who hadn't smiled in years, roar with laughter over his inimitable antics.

You will enjoy following him on the screen and you too, will laugh as you watch this corking play at the Star Theatre, which brings before the public a stage star, who has won headline positions in the screen world — Douglas Fairbanks, comedian. In Douglas Fairbanks we have a personality perfectly fitted to film work. Those who remember him in previous Triangle successes, will undoubtedly flock to the Star to view "The Habit of Happiness," showing today only.