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Mail Tribune 100

July 29, 1916


State Engineer Lewis of Salem was in Medford yesterday looking over the work on the Siskiyou Highway grade recently let to a Roseburg contractor and investigating conditions regarding the building of the road around the Ashland hill.

Mr. Lewis is particularly interested in a loop road from Portland south to Mt. Jefferson and is endeavoring to secure aid from the federal government in an extension of a road from Crater Lake to Lake Odell and Crescent connecting with the Portland loop road.

"The state is now spending $8,000 on a survey of the road from Medford to Crater Lake and this work will be completed in four or five weeks. As the state has assisted the government in this work we consider it only right that the government forest service should assist us in getting a survey beyond Crater Lake through the lake region connecting with the Portland loop road at Mt. Jefferson. Such a road could be built at slight expense, the pumice soil is splendidly adapted for travel both winter and summer and with a few trees out of the way and a little leveling here and there, the road would be open. Such a road would allow a scenic circuit via Medford so that tourists from the south and north would not be obliged to go to Crater Lake and then return the same way. It would increase travel to Crater Lake and through southern Oregon. In addition to this the lake in the Odell group including Waldo and Crescent lakes are not only beautiful bodies of water but afford splendid fishing and boating."


The Rogue River Fruit Distributors, who have leased the Osenbrugge warehouse on South Front street, have had carpenters at work for several days fitting the building for a fruit receiving and packing house. The building is 60x100 feet in size, with a basement the same size, giving them 12,000 feet of working and storage space. In addition to this they have a nearby building, 40x100 feet, under lease for storage purposes. Geo. Kaufman is manager for the company.