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Mail Tribune 100

Aug. 1, 1916


The advance guard of the editors of the state, who meet here in an annual convention this week, is arriving. The list already making reservations on trains, insures an attendance which will surpass by 50 percent, the attendance at any other convention in the association's history.

The local committees are hard at work with preparations for entertainment. The Commercial Club, Greater Medford Club, Colony Club, College Women's Club, a committee of the merchants, the three hotels, the banks of the city, six auto dealers and many individual citizens are cooperating to make this one of the most successful gatherings ever held in Southern Oregon.

The committee in charge of the trip to Crater Lake next Sunday and Monday need about four or five more cars. They earnestly request any citizen who will help to this extent, to kindly notify either the newspapers, or the Commercial Club.

Five lodges have, through committees of their numbers, undertaken to furnish three cars, each for this trip. Members of these lodges, who will cooperate are requested to see a member of their committee, as follows:

Elks, Carl Hellbronner; Odd Fellows, John Demmer or Leon Howard; Masons, Ralph Woodward or A. N. Hildrebrand; Woodmen, Newtown W. Borden or George Cherry. The K. P.'s have turned in their list.


  • The ordinance authorizing the city recorder to issue bonds in the amount of $300,000 for the construction of the railroad to the Blue Ledge will go to its first reading before the city council Tuesday night. This ordinance, except in emergency will require three readings before its final passage. The contract voted upon by the people has not yet been signed by S. S. Bullis.
  • The Elks will hold their annual fish feed on the upper Rogue river next Sunday. Many of the best fishermen of the local lodge will leave Friday afternoon for the fishing grounds and will put in the time till Sunday noon jerking out the finny beauties so that there may be an abundance for the large crowd that is expected to be in attendance.