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Mail Tribune 100

Aug. 2, 1916


Mrs. Jennie Kemp, state president of the W. C. T. U., who is now touring the state and speaking on prohibition issues to come up at the fall election, will be in Medford August 7 and will speak at the Baptist church afternoon and evening.

Speaking on the issues to come up in the fall, Mrs. T. A. Howell, a member of the local W. C. T. U., said:

"The people of Oregon will have three very important issues before them this fall. First, the effort to repeal the Sabbath observance law. The law as it stands is not just what we would wish but to repeal it and leave the state without a Sabbath observance would be very unwise.

"The measure which will forbid the importation of all liquor for beverage purposes into the state will appeal to all moral voters. Those that found fault with the Anderson bill because it allowed the shipping in of small amounts of liquor should now get busy and work for this amendment; as you well know, no measure will carry itself, no matter how good it is. It must be supported by votes at the polls. And who is going to solicit those votes? The answer is very plain to be sure. The friends of the measure against the foes. Which side are you on, or are you on the fence? Time is short and work is needed.

"The greatest menace which confronts us is the measure to reopen the Oregon breweries. This will mean distributing stations, saloons in effect, will be here and the law which has already brought such good results will be handicapped and many parts of the state will be worse off than before the measure was passed.

"Our 1914 fight was to abolish the saloon and protect the young. Our slogan is still "The Saloon Must Go."