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Mail Tribune 100

Aug. 7, 1916


"That fish and mulligan, why I never tasted anything better." That is Jerry Jerome's expressed opinion of the Elk feed at Kelly's island, upper Rogue river yesterday and seems to express the opinion of all the 200 Elks who took part. Chris Gottlieb, chief chef, was the man responsible for the palatabillity of the fish and M. M. McGuirk was the mulligan artist. Forty large steelheads comprised the piece de resistance of the feast.

The fishermen left for the grounds Friday night and Saturday, the others following Sunday morning in 50 cars. Provisions and a few stragglers were carried in two trucks.

The long tables were placed under shady trees along the bank of the Rogue. One of the members arrived at the eleventh hour with his car loaded to capacity with flowers and tiny American flags with which the tables were decorated.

Before the feed the afternoon was spent in sports. The potato, egg and 100 yard races were won by Bob Boyle. Elmer Foss captured the sack race. Bob Boyle and Bob Medley walked off with the three legged race. The ball, as scheduled, was to be between the married men and the single men. There were not single men enough in the crowd to form a team, so teams were chosen with Jerry Jerome and J. J. Butcher as captains. The former's team won handily 16 to 5. Boxing matches had been counted on as a source of amusement, but as single men were so scarce and the married men feared to return to their spouses with black eyes, the events were called off.

Local Elk members characterize the feed as the best of its kind ever pulled off in the valley. Everything went off smoothly, there were no accidents, not even a stomach ache and all returned full and happy to Medford at 7:30 o'clock.


L. E. Davies is at present encamped at Crater Lake, where he is recovering from nervous shock, caused by the explosion of an acetylene tank in his garage a few weeks ago.