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Mail Tribune 100

Aug. 10, 1916


The Crater Lake lodge is enjoying big patronage despite the fact the season opened late. The smallest number registered so far this year was 42 and there were 104 at the lodge the night before the editors were there. Some of the prominent people at the lake this year have been R. L. Hedges, former owner of the St. Louis ball team, accompanied by his wife and son; John C. Hill of Chicago, hotel inspector in national parks; R. B. Marshall, of Washington D. C., superintendent of national parks; Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Strahord of Portland, railroad builder; C. Lombardie, president of the Dallas-Galveston Pub Co., accompanied by wife and son; Mr. Sells of Washington D. C., Indian commissioner; F. H. Green, city chemist of San Francisco; H. E. Noble and Preston Holton, Portland bankers; Peck Judah and Mr. Weston, tourist agents, also Mrs. Weston and son. This party made the largest fish catch on any one day this year, 11 trout. Other visitors were Col. Chas. Moran of New York; Chas. Hamilton of Waco, Texas; R. M. Cox, Reno, Nevada, of prominent railroad men; Vice-President McCormick and General Passenger Agent Scott of the Southern Pacific.

There will be an excursion from Reno, Nevada to the lake in the near future. They go by train to Lakeview and then by auto.

The new road from the entrance of the national forest reserve to Steels camp was opened this year, which makes about 45 miles of road completed by the government in the national forest and park.

The Parkhurst company has put three new power boats on Crater lake this year and have added several portable motors to the rowboats.

A special train comes from California the last of this week with excursionists for the lake.

All the supplies at the lake are hauled by auto from Kirk. Perry Ashcraft drives the stage and makes a round trip every other day.

A. H. Parkhurst, president of the company and H. C. Tuller, manager of the lodge do all they possibly can for the comfort of the guests.