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Mail Tribune 100

Aug. 18, 1916


Warrants were issued this morning for the arrest of C. L. Dusenbury and Carl Burleson, jitney drivers of Gold Hill, on a complaint of Mrs. Barbara Dellers of Gold Hill, charging them with having brought her daughter Lizzie, 16 years old, to Medford on the night of August 4 and giving her intoxicating liquors. Dusenbury was brought to Medford and released on $500 bail to appear next Monday at 2 o'clock, when the case will be heard. Burleson could not be found, and Gold Hill residents stated that he had left town, some saying for Canada, and others for California.

Jitney drivers operating lines through the valley have been under surveillance for some time, as they were suspected of having contributed to the delinquency of numerous minors. In case true bills are found against them a serious sentence will probably be given.

At the hearing next Monday more serious complications than the supplying of intoxicating liquors are expected to develop.


  • Wilbur Hall, well known as a writer of fiction and special articles, returned to Medford yesterday afternoon, after having visited Crater Lake. Mr. Hall is traveling from Tia Juana, Mexico, to Vancouver, B. C., in the interests of Collier Weekly. After completing the trip he will write the story of the trip and two impressionistic studies of Portland and Seattle. Mr. Hall arrived at the lake just as the storm of last Friday broke. He describes himself as overwhelmed by the combination of wind, lightning and rain playing on the surface of the lake. He left this morning on the train, continuing his journey by rail to Portland.
  • H. G. Wilson and family of Roseburg spent last night with Medford friends, this morning going to Klamath Falls via Crater Lake. Mr. Wilson is now superintendent of Indian affairs in Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas and Iowa.
  • The new plant of the Nurmi Baking Company will be open for public inspection on or about September 1. Exact date will be announced later.