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Mail Tribune 100

Aug. 25, 1916


A new photoplay program opens at the Page today, that for genuine merit and originality and sustained interest, is in a class by itself.

Douglas Fairbanks in "The Good Bad Man," presents a combination of talent, which is seldom equaled. Douglas Fairbanks, with his enthusiasm, his personality and individuality, his swift moving action, plays the lead, while dainty, demure, Bessie Love plays the principal feminine part. It's a combination rarely seen — a combination sure to be appreciated by the public.

A clever tale about an eccentric highwayman, who appropriates the property of the undeserving and who generally redistributes wealth according to his own whims and theories. It is a breezy comedy-drama that is performed with the aroma of cactus and sagebrush and the irrepressible personality of Douglas Fairbanks.

Keystone comedians assail stone wall and receive hard knocks in an automobile spill filmed in "A Dash of Courage."


  • Mrs. J. T. Logan of Grants Pass is mourning the loss of a brand new Buick machine which was stolen from her last Saturday night, after she had been its proud owner for only two short days. The machine, which was a six-cylinder, five-passenger, 1917 model, disappeared about 8 o'clock, but was seen by a policeman at Twenty-third and Washington shortly after midnight. The car bore an Oregon license, No. 31,061.
  • The case of Lena Ownbey, arrested on a complaint filed by Charles Isaacs, scheduled for Thursday afternoon, has been deferred pending her recovery from a fall sustained Thursday at one o'clock, when overcome by the heat, she fell to the sidewalk, injuring her head so that it was necessary to remove her to the hospital.
  • Charles Campbell, who formerly conducted the Electric Kitchen in Medford, and who is now in business in Yreka, is visiting Medford friends and transacting business in the city today.
  • Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Monahan of Del Ross, Cal., will arrive tonight in their car and will be the guests of Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Daniels for a month.