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Mail Tribune 100

Sept. 1, 1916


"Susan Rocks the Boat," a Triangle-Fine Arts photoplay, featuring Dorothy Gish, is the unusual name of an unusual play that is being pictured at the Page. Susan rocks the family boat when she becomes dissatisfied with the way in which a rich society girl, such as she is, spends her time. Susan gets out of the boat by starting to do some settlement work.

She has made this decision as the results of reading the life of Joan of Arc, and seeing herself in the character of the Maid of Orleans.

So dainty Dorothy set out to open a settlement house, reform a saloon-keeper and make bad boys drink ice cream sodas instead of whisky.

There is a glorious serap in succeeding scenes and a triumphant finish.

"Bathtub Perils," the Keystone, has a laugh in every foot of film — or should one fit the title by saying a laugh in every drop of water?


Pauline Frederick, noted for her characterizations of fascinating and alluring women, as well as for her realistic portrayals of sweet, innocent girlhood, demonstrates her unusual versatility in the latest Famous Players-Paramount picture, based upon Israel Zangwill's "The Moment Before," which appears at the Star for the last time tonight. In this photoplay Miss Frederick adds a new role to her remarkable screen repertoire, that of Madge, a gypsy maid. The story takes her from the camp of her brutal husband, John, into the employ of Harold, the second son of the aged Duke of Maldon. Her husband, suspecting the love affair existing between his wife and Harold, goes to seek her.

A personal interest film titled "Uncle Sam at Work," which shows the Washington, D. C., post office and its modern equipment, seal reserves, whale fishing, etc. completes the bill.


Mr. and Mrs. Brown of this place had a visit from Mr. Brown's father in Iowa and Miss West, a relative of Mr. Brown's. They made their visit short and left for San Francisco where they are going to start back to Iowa.