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Mail Tribune 100

Sept. 6, 1916


The assembly of the Choral Society in St. Mark's Hall last night at the commencement of the choral season was marked by a large attendance of old and new talent and was almost as bright an occasion as the concert given at the Page Theater recently. 

The period of rehearsal promises to be shorter and the next performance earlier than was the case in the first appearance of this society in public concert, from the fact that the singers have had one session of splendid instruction in reading, ensemble and expression, and are now able to take hold of the most difficult harmony, with much less effort and to master the music selected in a much shorter time. Every member values to the fullest extent the opportunity which this work affords for musical development.

If the first concert was a success and a surprise, there is no doubt that the next concert will be much more so. The period of first experiment with its attendant difficulties to all concerned, is fairly and safely over and Medford may now reckon itself as having one of the best societies of the kind in the west with a splendid future before it.


  • The last of the Third Oregon Infantry with their service equipment passed through Medford today on their way from Tijuana, where they were stationed. R. C. Houk, formerly of this city, and now of the Third Oregon, said that the only regret of the detachment was that they did not see action. At their station, he said, there was no criticism of President Wilson's border policy.
  • Jack Morrill and a party of Sams valley and Gold Hill residents appeared before the County Court at the opening of the September term Wednesday and petitioned in behalf of improving the road along the north bank of the river from Gold Ray to Gold Hill. They were told no funds were on hand for road improvement, but that the road will be considered in the next budget.