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Mail Tribune 100

Sept. 7, 1916


A special treat for women yesterday and today is being shown at the Page theater, a fashion film by Pathe showing the latest modes designed by Florence Rose. The release is the first of a series called, "A Day With Betty Young." Betty is shown in various costumes from the moment she opens her eyes in the morning, through a long and busy day, until she retires.

"The Primrose Path." It requires strong and dignified treatment to adequately portray a situation in which a wife gives herself to an admirer whom she detests in order to save the life of her husband. There must also have preceded this momentous decision a succession of events, making it seem the only way out of her difficulty. Fortunately for this production, written by Bayard Veiller, the issue is properly led up to and the wife, portrayed by Gladys Hanson, carries the scene convincingly. It is the soul torture of the wife and her visible, heroic suffering that form the strong features of this number.


Geraldine Farrar, the noted grand opera prima donna and motion picture star of the Jesse L. Lasky Feature Play company, will appear at the Star theatre today and tomorrow in "Maria Rosa," said by those who have seen it to be the best of the three photoplays she made for the Lasky company, the others being "Carmen" and "Temptation." In this story a great and abiding love, great simplicity coupled with great cunning are the chief characteristics of the part. Miss Farrar makes the conjunction of these elements in a woman's heart seem overwhelmingly probable because she makes them overwhelmingly real. She does become merged in the character she is asked to portray and the audience is therefore treated to the rarest of pleasures — seeing a sublime part in the hands of a highly gifted artist who realizes the utmost expectations of the dramatist.