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Mail Tribune 100

Sept. 11, 1916


Despite the handicap of a morning show, a large crowd attended Barnum & Bailey's "world's greatest circus" at Medford Monday and enjoyed the excellent performance. The large tent was filled with the performers in the three rings, artists in their class, the menagerie, one of the most complete seen here.

Despite announcement to the contrary, a street parade preceded the performance.

Circus trains began arriving Saturday at noon and from these until midnight there was bustle and activity as paraphernalia was unloaded, all Medford being on hand to witness the clockwork like machinery of a circus adjust itself.


A notable occasion will be the address by Rev. William L. Sullivan, pastor of All Souls' Unitarian church of New York City, at St. Mark's Hall, Friday evening. Mr. Sullivan is generally conceded to be the leading minister in the Unitarian denomination. By thousands of people he is regarded as an inspired prophet of the twentieth century.

Mr. Sullivan was formerly a Paulist father of the Roman Catholic church, but left that denomination several years ago to take up the work of a Unitarian minister. He is in no respects sensational or abusive, but is one of the profoundest thinkers of our time.

Good music will be provided and everyone is welcome.


  • Dan Goodman, aged nine, son of Mrs. and Mrs. P. W. Goodman, went dutifully off to Sunday school Sunday morning. However, his sense of duty failed after the session and he failed to put in an appearance at home. His mother late last night obtained the information that her son was with a crowd of circus people and was planning on leaving town with them. The police and members of the family of the missing boy searched all morning, finally finding him, ready to leave on the train at 2 o'clock this afternoon.
  • D. A. G. Colby MacNeill, British consul at Colima, Mexico, who spent a fortnight visiting Medford last year, has been spending a week at Grants Pass with his family, en route north in his auto. He had good success fishing in the Rogue.