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Mail Tribune 100

Sept. 21, 1916


The Sells-Floto circus will play here on September 28, giving two performances daily and inaugurating its appearance with a splendid street pageant, two miles long. Every feature of this champion show of the world will be represented excepting, of course, Jess Willart, 'heavyweight champion of the world," and a '"wrestling champion of the world," who will appear in the performances.

There will be nine military concert bands, Oriental musicians, Scotch bagpipes, zonave bugle bang, steam calliope and the latest music-producing invention, the vocaltose; a score of open dens of ferocious wild beasts and their trainers; Buffalo Bill's Wild West cowboys and the Deadwood coach; 350 of the finest horses in the world; forty clowns, who are really funny; Rosa Rosaland, champion somersault equestrienne of the world, with her thirty tons of elephants; and Jumping Jupiter, champion auto hurdling horse of the world.

Two performances will be given and 2 and 8. Before the regular performance takes place, an hour's time will be given in which patrons of the Sells-Floto circus may visit the menagerie, with its great herds of elephants, its playful, mischievous monkeys, its camels, horned horses, yaks, zebras, lions and tigers, and all other wondrous animals that have been gathered from the ends of the earth for your benefit. Especially for the children is attention called to Toyland, where, surrounded by the beloved figures of "Mother Goose" rhymes, the babies of the circus await the acquaintance of the babies of humanity. Babies of the animal kingdom in its every branch are there, from baby kid-glove goats from far-off France, to the baby lions from Africa, and the baby elephants from India — all as glad to see the children as the children to see them.


The regular Saturday night dancing season opens at the Natatarium on September 23. With few exceptions when the hall is rented for some special occasions, these popular dances will take place every Saturday evening. Good music, excelling floor and good order are positively guaranteed.  A reduction in the price of tickets has been considered advisable. Six tickets, 50 cents; fourteen for $1. If you don't dance, come and hear the music. Dancing starts promptly at 9 p.m.