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Mail Tribune 100

Sept. 23, 1916


The statement is printed in the Portland Journal that a carload of Blue Triangle brand Winter Banana apples were in New York by the Rogue River Fruit and Produce Association for $2.07 per box is without foundation. The association has only 262 boxes of Winter Bananas and all are here in cold storage. None have been sold. Few Winter Bananas are grown in the Rogue river valley and are disposed of at private sale.


At the present day, more than ever before, we realize how essential is the study of music in the child's education, as a means of expression and a stimuls to mental activity.

Innate with the soul of every normal child are the fundamental elements of music, rhythm and melody awaiting development.

Whatever the means chosen for musical expression a knowledge of the place must first be had as the foundation of all musical growth.

The progressive teacher gives individual attention to the peculiarities and needs of each pupil.

See that your young people START RIGHT by making a careful choice of their instructor, for is harder to BREAK UP band habits than to FORM CORRECT HABITS.

We feel that you will be pleased with the results obtained by Medford Conservatory in the application of the Vehmeyer method, which is used in our standard eastern conservatories.


  • Maurice Pettit, who recently slashed the throat of his 18-year-old bride in Chicago, was a schoolmate of Lauren Hinman, city electrician of Medford. They went through the grade and high school together in Cedar rapids, Iowa. Later Pettit became teller of the Merchants National Bank in that city. Hinman states that in Cedar rapids Pettit was well thought of.
  • Offices have been opened for Doctors Dow and The Dow Hospital in the Medford Furniture and Hardware building. Drs. M. C. Dow will be in the offices from 2 to 5 p.m.