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Mail Tribune 100

Sept. 29, 1916


The foreign odor and taste in the city water will continue at least a week, and may last for a month, according to Water Superintendent Olen Arnspiger. The Rogue River Canal company, he explained, is draining the water from Fish lake in order to gather and burn the debris in the bottom of the lake. At the same time, they are adjusting the gates at the outlet of the lake, sometimes lowering and sometimes raising them so that the water and sediment is being constantly rolled up. When a large head is allowed to pass through, the creek is raised, and by the time the water reaches the city intake it has picked up a large accumulation of silt and vegetable matter from the banks.

If the condition of the water is not abated within the next two or three days, Arnspiger stated, he will go to the lake and endeavor to have the gates opened as wide as the size of the creek bed will allow and complete the drainage in the shortest possible time. However, there are between 500 and 600 acres covered with water, and at best it will require a week to empty the area of water.

In spite of the odor and taste, he continued, there need be no fear of contamination from the water, as the rests recently made show the water to be remarkably free from bacteria.

The safe way, however, is to boil the drinking water.


With everything to wear for all, from babyhood to old age on display, the grand market for the benefit of wounded French soldiers was opened in the Cuthbert building this morning. From the opening of the doors throughout the day, a large crowd of buyers was on hand.

Tomorrow an auction sale of livestock will be held with Pop Gates wielding the auction hammer. On the lane across the way from the building a number of pens of pigs and chickens are already on hand.

Tonight and Friday night a dance will be given on the second floor. Each dance will cost 10 cents and will be worth five votes. The young lady receiving the largest number of votes will be presented with a handsome necklace.