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Mail Tribune 100

Nov. 2, 1916


If co-operation and the generous interested friends count at all for success, the Parcel Post and General Bazaar of St. Mary's academy, November 12 to 18, will be one of the most sucessful fairs ever held in Medford. Friends of the academy from near and far a rallying to her call and devoting time and talent to leave nothing undone that can in way add to the success and pleasure of the week.

The Cuthbert building has been secured and it will be filled from first floor to third with attractions for all. There will be charming dolls to delight the little ones, pretty things for Christmas gifts, useful articles to supply every need. Lunch and dinner will be served every day and each evening has its own attractions. The musical programs will be announced later.

The fair is under the able management of Miss Alice Hanley and Mrs. O. J. Patton supported by the follwing committees of aide and willing workers.

Baby and doll booth — Miss June Earhart chairman, Mrs. O. E. Osborne, Mrs. H. W. Poolnite.

Fancy work — Mrs. Ernest McKee, chairman; Mrs. Charles Delin, Mrs. A Duff, Miss Reilly.

China — Colony club Mrs. W. B. Taylor, chairman; Mrs. P W. Hamil, Mrs. J. V. Beckwith, Mrs. A B. Sender, Mrs. J Sooy-Somith.

Apton booth — Miss Anna Keliehor, chairman; Mrs. John Wilkinson, Miss Gladys Peart, Miss Helen Dahl, Mrs. A. L. Douglas, Mrs. James Cranemiller.

Fancy aprons — Mrs. Gidden, chairman; Mrs. B. Miller, Miss Anna Ulrich, Miss Catherine Erts.

Ice cream and cake — Mrs. Jams Pelton, chairman; Mrs. J. Murphy, Mrs. John Orth, Mrs. Kalty.

Fish pond — Mrs. H. Yardman, chairman, Mrs. R. Jackson, Misses Elizabeth and Rose Meyer.

Patrol post — Mrs. O. J. Patton, Mrs. E. B. Hanley.

Lunch room — Miss Catherine, Mrs Andrews, chairman; Mrs. Miles Cantral, Mrs. W. C. Debley, Mrs. G. C. Garrett, Mrs. A. M. Howells, Mrs. Grant Burroughs, Miss Rose Buckley, Miss Mollie Ray, Mrs. B. E. Williams, Mrs. Bostwick.

Useful articles — Mrs. William G. Steel, chairman; Mrs. W. Herbert. Mrs. A. C. White, Mrs. J. Turner.

Country store — Mr. and Mrs. Henry Callahan.