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Mail Tribune 100

Nov. 8, 1916


This city cast about its normal vote in general elections, 1,800 yesterday. Counting in the last of nine precincts was completed Wednesday noon. Wilson wins here by a slight plurality. Figures on electors, county ticket and amendments follow none on state results being given.

President — Hughes, 820; Wilson, 859.

Congressman — Weatherford, 567, Hawley, 595.

Representative — Sheldon, 1,115; Thomas, 897; Towne, 589; De Armond, 448; Gore, 920; Howard, 526.

District Attorney — Roberts, 809; Borden, 684.

Recorder — Florey, 990; Gerkins, 448.

Sheriff — Wilson, 795; Jennings, 870.

Clerk — Gardner, 1,137; Miller, 471.

Treasurer — Blackley, 924; Riggs, 572.

Assessor — Coleman, 980; Gallatin, 607.

School Supt. — Ager, 1,148; Jeffrey, 451.

County Commissioner — Owen, 978; Beeman, 305.

Pendleton Normal — Yes, 1069; No, 590.

Beer Amendment — Yes, 284; No. 1,268.

Dry Amendment — Yes, 1,066; No, 541.


Medford yesterday afternoon defeated Grants Pass by a score of 26-0 in the football game played at Jackson field. Features of the game were several nicely completed forward passes. At critical times the Medford team showed an ability to hold on defense and to get throught the line on offense.

Brandon, who ran the team, had the advantage in punting, averaging at least fifteen yards better than his opponent.

Early in the game Calhoun was replaced by Hill, who held his position well.

Young, at end, played the best game of any man on the team, scoring all the points with the exception of two goals kicked by Brandon.

The entire team is now working smoothly and prospects are bright for securing the southern Oregon championships.

Mac Williams, a Grants Pass player, was struck in the head during the scrimmage in the third quarter. He was taken to Grants Pass this afternoon, still unbalanced from the effects.