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Mail Tribune 100

Nov. 11, 1916


The public library receives from time to time state publications from the different departments, which it keeps on file for reference. As these come usually in pamphlet form, they are not easily displayed, but they often contain late and valuable material. It is now suggested that the libraries of the state serve as distributing centers, for most of this material is furnished free, and so a list is given of the contents of a recent shipment, that any one interested in any one of the special subjects may secure a copy by calling at the library.

"Fire Prevention," bulletins No. 1 and 2, "Safety Bulletin," "Portable Woodsaw Accidents" course of study for elementary schools, course of study for commerical departments, report of annual state, county and school fair conference, eighth annual report of insurance commissioner, books to read aloud for primary grades, higher grades, intermediate grades. "A living wage By Legislation," the Oregon experience.


  • The Teacup club of the Methodist church met with Mrs. Orlando Didra, North Main street, Tuesday afternoon. It being election day, gossip was mostly confined to affairs political. Members of the republican affiliation were compelled to make speeches lauding Wilson, while those of democratic predilection, were out for Hughes. This reversal of political sentiment caused great merriment, especially when a Hanley follower, for example, openly advocated local option, and for the time being teacup argument promised to assume the phase of "beer amendment" enthusiasm.
  • The Sunshine supper served in Elks temple on the evening of election day was a fine one. Eatables were substantial and abundant and the service was unexcelled. Meals were available until nearly midnight hour. The coffee and cider furnished were particular blends donated by H. G. Enders & Sons, who, with many others, exercised their kind offices in making the supper event a success. The proceeds were nearly $100, a sum which will greatly aid the ladies in their work for sweet charity's sake.