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Mail Tribune 100

Nov. 15, 1916


The Medford Printing company has just completed a job of 15,000 four-page circulars in five colors for the Rogue River Fruit & Produce association, which has been received with great delight wherever shown.

The object of the circulars, which have been mailed throughout the east, is to bring to the attention of the apple-buying public the merits of the apples from this valley, particularly the Newton variety. Mailing lists were secured and these circulars were sent in sealed envelopes with 2 cent stamps to their destination. It is thought this plan will increase the sales and popularity of the Rogue river apples and other fruit several thousand boxes annually, the increase being cumulative.

If the plans work out as conceived the idea will be enlarged from season to season until the deliciousness of our fruits is known in every household in the east.

Samples of the printing found their way into the hands of the Hicks-Chatten Engraving company; who write regarding the work in part as follows:

"Copy of the Rogue River Fruit & Produce association advertising folder has come to hand and we wish to compliment you very highly for the very excellent job of printing. It is without question one of the best jobs of printing we ever saw outside of Portland, and believe there are many of the large Portland firms who would not have given as good results as you have recieved. It is such a class of work as this that is creative of more color work in advertising folders, and you may feel proud of the results you have obtained."

Another letter from a large printing firm in Colorado says:

"We wish to congratulate the Medford Printing company on the excellnt job of printing they turned out for the Rogue River Fruit & Produce association. It is one of the prettiest and most attractive color specimens it has been our pleasure to see in a long time."

Specimens of this work are now on display in the windows of the Medford Printing company, where those who have not seen what pretty colors go to make up this attractive piece of printing may view it.