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Mail Tribune 100

Nov. 25, 1916


Members of the Rogue River Fish Protective Association in the meeting held in the library Friday evening voted unanimously for an unconditional stand for the closing of Rogue River to commercial fishing. In this stand, C. M. Thomas, newly elected legislator, delcared that he will make a fight to the finish for such a measure.

A compromise suggested was the limiation of the commercial fishing to the use of drift nets, but this was voted down and the slogan, "no compromise" adopted. A committee consisting of Messrs, Thomas, Isaacs, Daniels, Gottlied and Ewing was named to draft the bill, circulate petitions and raise funds for the flight and if the measure is defeated to arrange for presenting the matter to the people by initaitve measure in 1918.

C. M. Thomas and Ralph Ewing were elected delegates to attend the meeting of the State Sportsmen's League in Portland December 8.

T. E. Daniels and W. F. Isaacs will also be on hand to urge the closing of the river. Arrangements were also made for the presence of a number of local men at Salem in October, during discussion of the bill.

Other matters discussed and approved by the meeting were for the closing of the season on steelhead from November 1 to April 1 for protecting Chinese pheasants of the valley and to provide a closer deer law, inasmuch as game wardens state that there are at present hundreds of barren does in the hills. Cutting the fifteen days in August from the open season was suggested.

Funds for the fight for the closed river will be raised by the sale of 1917 membership cards at from $1 to $25 each.


Jackson county democracy spent $631.18 during the last campaign and $711,60 was contributed, according to the report filed with the county clerk, accordiing to law by County Chairman W. N. Campbell. A balance of $80.42 is on the books, the report reads.