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Mail Tribune 100

Nov. 29, 1916


A. C. Allen has returned as a delegate appointed by Governor Withycombe, he represented Oregon at the fruit-growers marketing convention. He reports:

"After holding public hearings for two days, with representative growers, shippers and other interested in the fruit marketing problem in the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana, the joint state comission on fruit marketing, appointed on the governors of several states, has tentatively arrived at the following conclusions:

"It is recognized by the joint state commission that the fruit industry of the four northwest states is in sore need of financial assitance from federal and state agencies in thorough organization of the fruit-growers and that the several states work in hearty co-operation with the federal office of markets in perfecting the organization of growers. We suggest that the federal govnernment be asked to give additional funds and that the several states be asked to approprate money to bring about the necessary co-operation with the federal government.

"We further recognize that a substatial step toward the solution of the marketing problem in the box apple industry of the Pacific northwest will be made through the passage by the several legislatures of laws providing for official state standardization of grades and packages, with a state system of packing-house inspection and official certification for the protection of the grower, wholesale buyer and consumer."


  • Mr. and Mrs. Sterns and children took a number of young folks assembled there and moved in a body to Hobard Ditsworth's to surprise him on his 20th birthday.
  • Messrs, Kelly and Peelor returned from Mr. Kelly's trap line with a big bear and a bobcat. Bear is a trifle more palatable than the "mountain chicken" which was their total catch on the field trip.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stinson and small son have moved into the house at the power plant formerly occupied by Mr. lower's family. Mr. Stinson has taken Mr. Irwin's place and Mr. irwin is not superintendent of the plant.