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Mail Tribune 100

Nov. 30, 1916


Walter Brown, who is home from O. A. C., for a visit with his parents over Thanksgiving, has been honored by his appointment as 1st lieutenant of one of the cadet companies of Corvallis. Coming in his sophomore year, this appointment is considered a high honor by the student body as few appointments to the commssion staff are ever made.

Mr. Brown has been a member of the 7th company of Medford about two years and was the first member of the company to reach the position of sergeant in the first year's enlistment, each promotion being earned by passing examinations qualifiying him for the promotions. He has succcesfully passed the examinations for 1st and 2nd class gunner, plotter, observer, gun pointer and gun commander, having held the latter position at camp this year at Ft. Stevens.

The 7th company and its captain are proud of the recognition of one of its members by the officals at the O. A. C. by the appointment of Mr. Brown to the commissioned staff of the school. It is not yet beyond the range of possibilities that in his senior year Mr. Brown may attain the position of lieutenant colonel, the highest to be attained by a student of O. A. C.


The "direct to the consumer" campaign, which has already been started in Chicago by the Rogue River Fruit and Produce association will be under the personal supervision of Ralph Bardsell, who will leave Medford Saturday for Chicago, where he will open offices for the campaign.

Blue Train brand Newtons are being sold in this campaign for $3.50 per box delivered at any address about Chicago. Two cars of the fruit have already been shipped and more are to be sent out in the near future. The pack is the best in quality and uniformity that has ever been sent out of the valley, according to Mr. Bardwell.

The first step in the campaign was the mailing of 15,000 folders printed in five colors, depicting the beauties of the Oregon Newton, to Chicago addresses. The folders, which have received high praise, were work of the Medford Printing Co.