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Mail Tribune 100

Dec. 4, 1916


Arthur (Shorty) Dodge and John Deadman were fined $100 by Justice of the Peace Glenn O. Taylor for having liquor unlawfully in their possession Saturday afternoon. The firewater was seized in a raid on the Seattle Rooming house on Front street. Deadman paid his fine, but Dodge decided to languish in the county jail for 50 days. A warrant was issued for Harry Stone, alleged to be the original possessor of the whiskey.

Dodge was arrested by Chief of Police Hittson as he was going down the street with four bottles of booze in his mackinaw pocket. The neck of one protruded, which gave the clue. Dodge told the court the whiskey belonged to a "friend," whose name and present whereabouts he did not know. Deadman entered a plea of guilty, but Dodge entered a plea of not guilty, and then had nothing to say in his own behalf.

Deadman confessed his part in the bootlegging and intimated that Dodge was the delivery man.The liquor sold at $1.50 per pint. About 50 quarts were seized. There were also corks and a funnel in the outfit. The original cost was $50, Deadman said, it being taken in part payment for claim on the Applegate.

The arrest, raid, and conviction lasted but 20 minutes, Prosecutor Kelly handling the state's case.


An interesting coincidence has come to light since the Stanford-Santa Clara football game, which is the "big game" of the year for the two schools. Bob Pelouze of the Cardinals and "Rudy" Scholz of Santa Clara, who started the game playing opposite to each other at wing, claim the same Oregon town as their home, both coming from Medford.

These boys were well known in football circles in Oregon, having played on the Medford high school football team which established a good claim to the state title in 1912 by the defeat of Albany high school. Both showed to good advantage in the rugby sport, outclassing some Californians who have played the game all their lives. Both men weigh under 155 pounds. Scholz played on the All-American team against the All-British team at Oakland Thanksgiving day.

Claire Seeley, also of Medford, a freshman this year, has shown good rugby talent, and cinched a place for himself as a fullback on the All-Blacks, the second string team.