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Mail Tribune 100

Dec. 2, 1916


The meeting called Friday evening by John. S. Oath for the organization of a "live and let live" anglers' club, favoring further restrictions on the river, but opposing closing the river to commercial fishing, was packed by officers and members of the Rogue River Fish Protective Association, who attended in a body, and blocked all efforts to proceed with organization, demanding that the river be closed, and even voting down a motion for the appointment of a committee on organization. As a result, the organization of the club is proceeding privately.

Speeches favoring a closed river were made by W. F. Isanes, T. E. Daniles, G. S. Thomas, Jack Aitken and others. E. E. Kelly declared a closed river was impractical at this time and said anglers' efforts should be directed towards securing stricter laws, especially for screening irrigation ditches, which annually killed more trout than a dozen hatcheries could liberate. G. Putnam opposed closing the river to salmon fishing as destroying a valuable resource to the state and wasting a needed food product. He declared the closed river no remedy for the deficiency in trout, inasmuch as their taking is forbidden now and stated there was the same complaint on poor fishing during the two years the river was closed, that now exists. he stated that from past experience he knew the legislature would not close the stream and that efforts to induce it would be wasted and that better results could be obtained if practical reforms, such as a longer weekly closed season, abolition of seining, and ditch screening were worked for, and the laws already on the statute books enforced.


  • Mr. E. C. Silliman of the Sugar Bowl, started this morning to make four ton of candy for the holidays. Mr. Silliman sold three ton last Xmas and ran out, so he will be prepared this year.
  • Let Johnson, the Jeweler's show window, suggest to you your gifts for the coming Christmas.