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Mail Tribune 100

Dec. 7, 1916


It is a long cry from operating an orchard at a net loss to clearing $254.30 an acre from that orchard, but that is what D. W. Stone accomplished this year with his orchard of eight-year-old Bosc and Bartlett pear trees. The direct agent in the increase of production, both quality and quantity, was irrigation. Mr. Stone's orchard is near Willow Springs in sub-district No. 4, his land coming under the Hopkins ditch.

"I consider this remarkable increase in returns from my orchard," said Mr. Stone Wednesday, "the direct profit arising form my investment in irrigation. This is the first year that I have ever cleared a cent and I saw no better prospect for a crop this year until the Hopkins canal was completed and I was about to put water on the land.

"I am strongly in favor of the district plan," continued Mr. Stone, "it is the only way, fair to all, in which we can spread the benefits of irrigation to all the valley at the fair price. I have talked the gospel of irrigation to many of my neighbors and I believe the election of December 27 will show the Willow Springs district bringing in a heavy majority for the district plan."


Henry Wendt died at Jacksonville, December 7, aged 70 years, 4 months. Death was due to heart failure. Mr. Wendt was a well-known Jacksonville figure, having been a resident of that city for the past twenty-eight years, of that time driving the stage between Jacksonville and the Applegate. Mr. Wendt was a native of Germany, coming to American at the age of 20. He settled in Freeport, Ill., for a few years, later moving to Nebraska, where he remained ten years. After leaving that state he came to Jacksonville. He leaves his wife, Mary, and eight children — Mrs. Joseph Martin of Jacksonville; Henry Wendy of Pine Creek, Or.; Mrs. Carrie Obenchain, Bly, Or.; Mrs. Anna Issott, San Diego, Cal.; Edward and Enima Wendt of Jacksonville; George Wendt of Alturas, Cal., and Chester Wendt, of Jacksonville. He also leaves twelve grandchildren, one great-grandchild and two sisters. Funeral arrangements will be announced later. Burial will be in Jacksonville cemetery.