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Mail Tribune 100

Dec. 11, 1916


John Austin Hooper, well known in this section as a desperado, having held up the station agent at Grants Pass and a bank at Rogue River and a store at Hornbrook, Cal., has escaped from the Missouri state penitentiary and is now at large. The escape was made November 22, the authorities since that time making a hunt for him. Friday Pacific coast authorities were warned to keep watch for him as it is believe he has started for this section.

Hooper was sentenced to the Missouri penitentiary last July, being given ten years for the killing of a policeman. His defense was that he believed the policeman was attempting to hold him up.

Hooper's record of crime is a long lone. In addition to the holdups to his credit in this section, he had broken parole at Folsom prison, California, where he was under sentence for life. Upon being arrested at Grants Pass he made a spectacular escape, no trace of him being found until his arrest in Missouri.


Nomination petitions for the "citizens and business men's ticket" are in circulation nominating the following candidates for the annual January election, pledged to a business administration:

For mayor, C. E. Gates; for councilmen, first ward, E. C. Gaddis; second ward, George T. Collins; third ward, John H. Carkin.

Petitions are also in circulation for the "People's Progressive Non-Partisan" ticket, pledge to the Medynski rebonding plan, with F. V. Medynski for mayor, H. C. Glascock for councilman in first ward and H. O. Nordwick in the second, though the latter has not accepted the nomination. An elaborate platform is in course of preparation, according to Earl H. Fehl.