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Mail Tribune 100

Dec. 19, 1916


Irrigation of several thousand acres of land on the south side of the Rogue river, between Gold Hill and the mouth of the Applegate river, is to be accomplished through district organization. Two districts are to be organized, one including the territory in Jackson county, the other that in Josephine county. The Jackson county district is already well along in formation. The Josephine county portion of the district proposes use of the extension of the Jackson county ditch.

A meeting of the property owners having holdings under the Josephine county portion of the district was held at Grants Pass Saturday, and it was decided to proceed with arrangements in the hope that the ditches can be built and water ready for the crops of the coming season.

The canal to serve both portions of the dirstct will be about 25 miles long. The water will be taken from the Rogue river near Gold Hill, and all the distriict will be served by gravity. The dtich will cover about 10,000 acres of flat lands adjoining Grants Pass along the Rogue. It is estimated that it will cost about $25 an acre to bring the water over the district. The construction of these ditches will make availbe a large acreage sutiable for beet culture adjactent to the Grants Pass sugar factory.


A meeting of those interested in opposing the formation of the Highline Irrigation district will be held at the West Side school house, in district 95, being about two miles north of Jacksonville on Foothill road, at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday evening, December 20th, 1916. By order of the chairman.


Ernest Webb of Central Point purchased the grand champion Poland China boar shown at the recent Livestock Show at Portland. The boar, King's Captain, American Poland China, registered No. 260242, was bred by R. W. Hogg of Salem. He was one year and 6 months old and weighs 500 pounds.