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Mail Tribune 100

Dec. 20, 1916


The city election on Tuesday resulted in choosing C. B. Lamkin for mayor; G. I. Eubanks, treasurer; J. H. Wimer, recorder; G. O. Jarvis, springs commissioner; G. S. Butler, F. E. Watson, W. B. Holmes, park commissioners. Of the councilmen, R. P. Cornelius and A. L. Lamb were re-elected in first and third wards, respectively, and W. W. Caldwell, new candidate, in second ward. Of three charter amendments, the proposition to abolish the springs commission was carried; the second, to dispense with the park commission, was defeated; the third, providing for sale of excess mineral waters for twenty-five-year period, carried. There were six candidates for recorder, Wimer, winning by a 348 vote, as against 268 for R. P. Campbell, his nearest competitor. Practically all the candidates were pledged to inaugurate reform and retrenchment measures.

For mayor, C. B. Lamkin 766, F. D. Wagner 610.


A new aspect has been put upon the coming irrigation election by the filing of a number of names as candidates for directors in the several districts. In all but the third district the anti-irrigations have filed candidates. Additional pro-irrigation candidates have also filed waivers to have the effort of splitting the vote.

In the event that the anti-irrigation directors are elected the formation of the district will be halted until another election can be held as it will lie in the power of the directors to exempt from irrigation all lands within the boundaries of the district.

The candidates in the several districts are as follows: First, James Owens and C. V. Cummings; second, Leonard Carpenter, J. T. Sullivan, and G. L. Schermerhorn; third, William Budge; fourth, J. A. Perry, Tom Osgood, and L. Neidermeyer; fifth, G. B. Dean and Henry Maury. Those in the list definitely opposed to the district plan are G. K. Schermerhorn, L. Neidermeyer and Henry Maury. The exact attitude of Mr. Cummings is not known.