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Mail Tribune 100

Dec. 23, 1916, continued

Editor’s note: There was no Dec. 24, 1916, paper.


The political pot for the Januaray election has been building in interest. The Medynski forces have already filed their ticket for mayor and council. E. V. Medynski heads the ticket as candidate for mayor; H. C. Glascock is named for councilman of the first ward, Ben J. Trowbridge for the second ward and E. S. Hitgler for the third ward. These men will appear on the ticket as non-partisan candidates, the election laws prohibiting the placing of their names on the ballot as candidates under the people's progressive non-partisan party.

The advocates of the business men's ticket are also in the field. C. E. Gates will head this ticket, while the candidates for councilman will probably be E. C. Gaddis in the first ward, J. H. Carkin in the second and Dr. H. P. Hargrave in the third. The petitions for these men have not yet been filed, but will probably Tuesday of next week, according the A. A. L. Hill, chairman of the business men's party.


For a time it appeared that there would be a four or give-cornered race for the mayoralty with C. E. Gates, F. V. Medynsi, H. O. Nordwick and J. H. Cooley as candidates. Dr. H. P. Hargraves was also looked upon as a possible candidate, but will make a campaign for re-election as councilman for the third ward.

J. H. Cooley has retired from the race and is now supporting Gates, as is Dr. Hargraves. H. O. Nordwick also is expected to retire and swing his following to Gates. That leaves the field clear for the race between Gates, as the representative of the business men, and Medynski, as the candidate of the people's progressive non-partisan league.