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Mail Tribune 100

Dec. 26, 1916


The election called to determine whether or not a proposed irrigation district shall be formed will be held Wednesday, Dec. 27, the polls being opened from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m.

Tomorrow's election is of a preliminary nature being held to elect directors who will investigate the best methods of securing water for the district, and will submit, at a second election, the best plan they are able to work out to the voters of the district for the approval or rejection.

W. H. Gore and Alton W. Stone are candidates for treasurer of the proposed district. The several candidates for director in the different divisions are as follows, Division No 1, G. V. Cummings, James Owens; No. 2, Leonard Carpenter, G. L. Schermerhorn, J. T. SUllivan; No. 3, William Budge; No. 4, L. Neidermeyer, Tom W. Osgood; No. 5, George B. Dean, H. C. Maury.

Those who are considered to be opposed to the district plan and who appear on the ballots as candidates are James Owens in the first division, G. L. Schermerhorn in the second, L. Neidermeyer in the fourth and H. C. Maury in the fifth.

The polling places for the election are:

Division No. 1 — Residence on place owned by E. B. Pickle in sec. 18, twp. 37, S. R. 1 W.

Division No. 2 — Residence of W. H. Brown on west side of what is known as Roosevelt avenue, just outside of city limits of the city of Medford.

Division No. 3 — Residence of W. S. Hammond in Orchard Home tract.

Division No. 4 — Oak Grove school house, school district No. 69.

Division No. 5 — West Side school house, school district No. 95.


C. P. Talent has secured the agency for the Automobiles, Mitchell and Dort cars, and has leased the new garage building opposite the nat and has several of these well known cars on display. The new firm is known as the Medford Automobile company and in addition to handling these cars will run a garage and carry auto supplies.

Mr. Talent has been selling cars in Medford for several years and understands the business thoroughly.