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Mail Tribune 100

Dec. 29, 1916


Although last night was the time set for opening bids for construction of the municipal railroad from Klamath Falls to Dairy, the city council by a two-to-one vote postponed the time for receiving and opening of bids to January 15, 1917.

The request for postponement until January 15 of the time for opening bids came from Robert E. Strahorn, president of the Oregon-California & Eastern railroad, through C. W. Eberlein.

"Mr. Strahorn hoped to be here tonight, but important business has delayed his coming until January 7. He will arrive that evening, but wishes to confer with council in executive sessions on all details of the municipal railroad, and particularly on the contract between him and the city of Klamath Falls regarding relations of the municipal road to tracks, rights of way and terminals owned by him. After those conferences he will submit a bid for the construction himself, and the council will be fully prepared on January 15 to get on the bids received. Mr. Eberlein explained.


The city council last night introduced and passed to its third reading an ordinance granting to the Keno Power company a franchise to distribute electricity in Klamath Falls. The ordinance is identically the same one voted down on December 18, plus amendments offered that evening by Councilmen R. J. Sheetings and O. D. Matthews. The provisions of these amendments are incorporated into and made a part of the new ordinance.


  • A union watch night service will be held on Sunday evening, December 31, at the Congregational church, beginning at 10 o'clock. It will be under auspices of the local Ministerial Union and a number of clergymen will participate under the leadership of the pastor, Rev. G. Southwell Brett. In addition to a formal program, including musical selections, forty minutes will be reserved for open forum discussions and twenty minutes will be devoted to prayer and praise.