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Mail Tribune 100

March 5, 1917


Overconfidence is likely to spell defeat of Medford, at least is the first games of the basketball series to be played this week and next week between the Ashland and Medford high school teams. The first game will be played at Ashland Thursday and the second at Medford Friday. Two more games will be played the following week.

Since their victory over Roseburg, the Medford team has loafed, the players have not kept themselves in good condition and have adopted the attitude that Ashland is already as good as beaten.

The Ashland team on the contrary, is drilling every day using for their opponents the strong and shifty Ashland Armory team. It is about an even break between the two Ashland teams, both showing improvement with every clash.


Prof. C. C. Lamb, specialist in extension work of the poultry department of the Oregon Agricultural college, will arrive in Medford tomorrow to devote five days at various points in the valley to discussions of poultry husbandry in its many phases. He will speak at the public library hall Tuesday morning, beginning at 10 o'clock, and will continue an open meeting all day. The professor calls this his "day school." Poultry raisers may take advantage of the all day course, or, if business requires it they can divide the day between the poultry lectures and their business affairs.

The instructions given by Prof. Lamb on these visits are very valuable to poultry raisers — and especially so to the beginners. Even though it is given to producers in old poultry communities, the modern methods and the marketing discussions will be found to be of great value. The poulterers of this valley, however, should begin with the elementary features of the husbandry and take a thorough course, but at this time the market question is particularly important. The local poultry association is trying to solve it now.