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Mail Tribune 100

March 10, 1917


The last session of the legislature adopted a new game code to take effect May 21.

The first change is with reference to the law in regard to using dogs for the purpose of chasing or hounding deer. The 1915 law was repealed and the following substituted therefore: "No person or persons shall make use of a dog in hunting, perusing or killing any of the game animals of the state of Oregon. Any free running dog or dogs running at large in territory in-habited by deer or found following upon the track of any game animal of the state, or any free running dog or dogs running at large in any of the fields of the state, after the owner has been duly notified in writing by any game warden or other officer entrusted with the endorsement of the game laws of this state, and if the reputed owner discloses ownership of the said dog or dogs, the same may be declared public nuisance and may be killed at such time by any game warden or other person entrusted with the enforcement of the game laws without criminal or civic liability."

One-half of all fine moneys here will be forwarded to the state treasurer to be deposited to the game protection fund. Last year all funds remained in counties where collected.

Both men and women are compelled to take out a hunting license, although women are exempt from purchasing a fishing license. The price of a hunting license is $1.50 instead of $1.00, and the same is true for an angling license.

In Game District No. 1, which includes Jackson county, the season on deep opens August 15 and continues until October 15. It has been until October 31 heretofore. The bag limit has been reduced to two.

The open season all over the state on migrator birds hereafter will be from October 1st to January 15.

The Chinese pheasant hen has been protected and it is unlawful to kill the same at any time thereafter.