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Mail Tribune 100

March 10, 1917, continued

Editor’s note: There was no March 11, 1917, paper.


Ashland failed last night in her attempt to "come back" and repay Medford for the defeat of Thursday night, Medford again taking the long end of a 34 to 13 score. The Medford girls were defeated by a score of 8 to 5, Ashland's victory being due largely to the work of a left-hander playing center.

Medford started the game in a confident mood, spearing a couple of baskets in the first few minutes of play. With this lead the locals began to sluff and in a few minutes the vistors tied the score. Medford then woke up and ended the first half leading the Ashland squad by 5 baskets.

The Ashland squad had lost their steam in the second half and Medford piled the score up fast, the game ending with Medford 21 points in the lead.

Sensational long-distance shooting was a feature of the game. In the first half Abbott of Ashland heaved a basket from the center of the floor, followed shortly by three horse-shoe baskets by Jones of Medford. in the second half Cork Young of Medford got free with the ball and taking careful aim shot a perfect basket two-thirds the length of the floor.

The girls' game was closely contested though Ashland was leading by two baskets at the end of the first half. The Medford girls throughout the game displayed a disinclination to mix it and go after the ball, Medford's basket shooting also was inaccurate.


  • In spite of the inclement weather the wise old stork ventured out and left a 6½ pound baby girl at the home of M. A. Schultz Saturday evening. Mr. Schultz believes this signifies we will have no need for soldiers in the near future.
  • We are sorry to report that Dennis Dugan, who has been in the Dow hospital at Central Point for some time, is in very serious condition. The members of the family have been called to the bedside.
  • Miss Myra Gunter, teacher in the Pankey district, resumed her school after a short vacation on account of the snow.