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Mail Tribune 100

March 17, 1917, continued

Editor’s note: There was no March 18, 1917, paper.


George Andrews announces the appearance in Medford on Wednesday, April 18 at the Natatorium of Walter Damrosch and his New York symphony orchestra of musicians with Efrem Zimbalist, the violin virtuoso. After an extended correspondence with Director Damrosch, Mr. Andrews has prevailed upon him to give Medford a date with his New York symphony orchestra, and in addition, one of the world's greateset vionlin virtuosos, Efrem Zimbalist.

Two such great names as those of Walter Damrosch and Efrem Zimbalist have seldom been associated together on a tour of this sort, and the extraordinary announcement will certainly be welcomed by music lovers of this valley.

It is needless to say it is quite an undertaking on the part of Mr. Andrews to bring this orchestra to Medford, but he says he has a biding faith in the people of the Rogue River valley recognizing a good thing when they see it.

By no means the smallest feature of this engagement, it is the fact that Mr. Damrosch has been prevailed upon to place the scale of prices for this particular engagement only, at the very reasonable figure of $2.00, $1.50 and $1.00. This is a lower scale of prices than will prevail at any other of the symphony concerts on the Pacific coast.

Any eulogy relative to the merits of the above-named organization would be a waste of time and space, for the mere announcement is sufficient, as the civilized world has come to know that the names of Damrosch and Zimbalist stand for the best there is in music. The New York symphony orchestra has held its place at the top for thirty years and under the baton of Walter Damrosch has remained in the front ranks and is better today than ever.

Efrem Zimbalist, the wizard of the violin is but 26 years old, but at this early age he has forged his way to the top and now holds a place in the artistic world with such artists as Mischa Elman and Fritz Kriesler. There are numerous records in the Medford valley made by Zimbalist and if there is any doubt in your mind about being a master of the violin hear one of his red seal records.