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Mail Tribune 100

March 19, 1917


The automobile of V. T. Emerick, son of former Mayor Emerick, was knocked into the ditch by a north-bound freight train at the Billings hill crossing near Ashland Saturday night. Emerick was unable to see the flat cars which composed the rear end of the train on coming up the rise, his light overshooting the cars. On topping the rise he saw the cars but was unable to stop his machine. The frame, hood, fenders and radiator of his car was smashed. Emerick escaped without injury.

Another accident occurred Saturday night at the corner of Main and Central when the car of B. T. Theiss collided with a Lewis jitney. Both cars were slightly damaged.

Sunday a collision occurred on the corner of Third and Front streets between a Star taxi and a car belonging to C. W. Whillock.


Through the signing of a contract by the California Oregon Power Co. and the Secretary of the Interior, the power company last week acquired control of the upper waters of the Klamath Lakes, took over the Keno canal for a period of fifty years and secured a privilege of constructing a dam at the head of Links river to impound the flood waters and control the water level in the upper Klamath lake.

Rental for the canal has been fixed at $100 per year. The contract provides that improvements must be made by the power company to the canal which will raise its capacity to 1,015 second feet. However if the opinion of government engineers the people of the region affects are benefited by the improvements, half the expense will be born by the government.

The company is also held responsible for any damage resulting from raising the lake level. Improvements revert to the government after the fifty-year period.

Another section of the contract provides that the company must furnish power for pumping to the Klamath Project at seven mills per kilowatt hour at any place where 100 horse power is needed.