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Mail Tribune 100

March 20, 1917


At the special City election yesterday, the proposition empowering the mayor and common council of Ashland to issue $15,000 in bonds to purchase Chautauqua park, carried by more than two to one, the vote being 725 for and 337 against.

The proposition to levy a half mill tax for publicity and park purposes carried by 510 to 434.

The straw referendum to repeal two city ordinances was also defeated. The first related to minors frequenting pool and billiard halls. The existing ordinance barring such minors was upheld by a vote of 606 to 445, the closest vote on the several measures submitted. The second related to closing billiard halls on Sunday, the lid feature being retaining by a vote of 633 to 416.

The initial three measures carried in every ward, except the first, which gave a majority of nine against the half-mill levy. The three wards severally also gave majorities against minors frequenting billiard resorts and in favor of the Sunday closing law. Total vote cast 1,062.


The Jackson County Business Men's association held its monthly meeting at the Nash Grill last night. After a splendid banquet the regular business of the meeting was transacted. Ten new members were received which makes a membership of 80, only lacking three of equaling the largest membership the association has ever had.

John H. Carkin, the secretary, made a report of the state meeting in Portland, which he attended and of legislation passed at Salem affecting the association members and the people generally.

Mr. Fields, who is here in the interests of the Fields process of extracting the different metals from ores, spoke of the rich quality of the Blue Ledge ores, what it means in Medford to develop the district and said his process is the best and most economical to get all the metals from the ores.