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Mail Tribune 100

March 22, 1917


For the purpose of organizing a chapter of the American National Red Cross in Jackson county a meeting will be held at the public library Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock.

The meeting will be presided over by Mayor C. E. Gates. William W. Hush, field agent of the Pacific Division will be the speaker. John L. Clymer, director of the Pacific division will pay Medford a personal visit within the next sixty days.

About fifteen women of the Colony and Greater Medford clubs have been banded together in two organizations for some time for the promotion unofficially of Red Cross relief work. These women will affiliate with the chapter to be organized tomorrow, which will receive a charter from the government at Washington, D. C., and which will work in accord with and under the orders of the central committee at Washington.

At the present time there are 273 regularly chartered chapters of the Red Cross in the United States with a total membership of 300,000. The war department has issued orders that the membership be increased to a minimum of one million members. In line with the membership campaign a chapter is to be established in each county of the western states. Medford has been selected as the nucleus for the Jackson county chapter. It is thought that at least 200 members will be obtained locally judging from the amount of support being promised. Mayor Gates has been mentioned as the probably chairman of the local chapter.

"The American Red Cross," stated Mr. Hush, who will be the speaker tomorrow "is the humanitarian arm of the government. It is active in peace and in war. That the various chapters may be assured of efficient management the war department has specified that a man must head each chapter and that men must take an active part in the work under various committees."