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Mail Tribune 100

May 3, 1917


All Jackson county dealers in revolvers and side arms must comply with the state law governing sales of such weapons and make daily reports to Sheriff Jennings of any such sales. The state authorities plan to strictly enforce this carrying concealed weapons law from now on.

Sheriff Ralph Jennings received Thursday a communication from A. W. Lawrence, state printer, calling attention to the law and stating that "every dealer in the business of selling or displaying of revolvers, pistols, or other small arms that can be concealed on the person shall obtain a legal register from the state printer in which to enter the name and description of all person purchasing such weapons." The communication asks the sheriff for a list of all dealers in Jackson county who intend handling small weapons for sale after May 21, and states that daily reports of sales must be made to the sheriff in compliance with the law.


The First National bank of Medford received on Wednesday afternoon the following telegram from Governor Kains of the federal reserve bank at San Fransisco, urging the local financial institution to patriotically cooperate in securing subscriptions for the additional government issue of two hundred million dollars of 3 per cent treasury certificates. The telegram in part read as follows:

"We have the following telegram from secretary of treasury: ' As fiscal agents of the government you are authorized and directed to receive subscriptions in your district for an additional issue of two hundred million dollars of three per cent treasury certificates of indebtedness maturing July 17, the certificates to be dated May 10, on which date payments should be made to the federal reserve bank.'

"We will be advised when to discontinue receiving subscriptions. Lists will be closed when the amount of issue shall have been subscribed. Circular letter follows. Wide dissemination of this offering is very desirable and your patriotic offers in securing subscriptions is urged."