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Mail Tribune 100

May 4, 1917


An automobile collision in which well known Ashland and Rogue River people figured occurred at the intersection of East Main street and Riverside avenue Friday forenoon in which fortunately no one was injured, but both cars were badly damaged.

In the Ashland car, an Overland, owned by James Rudd and driven by J. E. Carpenter, were also Mrs. Rudd and Mrs. Carpenter. The occupants of the Rogue River car, a Ford, besides the owner and driver, S. J. Myers, were Mrs. Gideon Wilcox and daughter, and Miss Streets, a school teacher. The Ashland car coming from the north, and the Rogue River car southbound, were just turning into Main street from Riverside when the crash followed.

It seems that the occupants of each car did not notice the other car until too late to avoid a crash. Each driver claims he was not going faster than 10 miles an hour. Each driver blamed the other for the collision and was considerably peeved. Especially was this true of Mr. Myers.

Chief of Police Hittson took Mr. Myers and Messrs. Carpenter and Rudd before Police Judge Taylor, who after hearing both sides refused to hold any one responsible.


An allotment has just been received by the forest service for the purpose of constructing three lookout houses, one each on Windy Peak, Rustler Peak and Mt. McLaughlin. The buildings will each be twelve feet square, consisting of one room with an observation cupola on top. The houses are well supplied with windows to permit of readily observing fires in any direction. The fire finder will be stationed in the observation cupola while the table, bed, oil stove, telephone and other necessary equipment will be in the main room below.