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Mail Tribune 100

May 7, 1917


If Medford restaurants keep on reducing portions in an endeavor to keep pace with the constantly rising cost of food products and at the same time funish a meal at near former cost because the rise started, patrons will soon probably have to take lunches along with them.

The single men, bachelors and other restaurant patrons who, until recently, were not bothered with the high cost of living and perhaps thought it was all a myth, are now contributing their bit to the war upset conditions of the country. It certainly is costing them more to live and they are getting less food than before for their money.

The time-honored twenty-five cent meal in Medford restaurants is nothing but a fond memory, especially the noonday menu. Some time ago all the restaurants but one raised their meal prices to 30 to 35 cents, and besides began cutting down the liberal portions of potatoes and side dishes.

One restaurant which has a very large patronage and gives a liberal variety of meats to choose from, still charges only 25 cents for the noonday meal for most of the courses, but has raised the prices of others to 30 and 35 cents. However, the 25 cent meals do not have the liberal portions of long ago. And with none of the courses is dessert thrown in as formerly. Now all puddings are five cents extra.

Neither are hot cakes any longer served at the restaurants free with breakfast orders. If you want hot cakes now you have to pay extra for them. Meal tickets which formerly sold for $4.50 for 21 meals are now $5.00 a ticket.

The Elks club restaurant, which aims to serve meals and food at only cost to members of the order, and which has long served a 25 cent luncheon at noon, was recently compelled to raise the price to 30 cents in order to break even, although serving the same quality and quantity of food.

The same condition of affairs exists all over Oregon and the Pacific coast. Everywhere the restaurants have raised prices and decreased the portions of food served. And there is talk that prices must be raised still higher. Anyhow the 25 cent meal is a thing of the past for a long time to come.